Thrunk goes Klunk

First fatality in the new (Jeff and Andy) campaign: Jeff’s character Thrunk Shillelagh got pinned in a corner by a trio of skeletons and hacked to bits. Andy’s character Link was running pellmell for the exit of the dungeon, and so wasn’t in any position to try first aid or to recover the body. Remember kids: In D&D always bring a Cleric!

6 thoughts on “Thrunk goes Klunk

  1. Fortunately, Thrunk's half-brother Bing will be joining the campaign, partially to avenge his not-very-bright-or-holy bro.

    When I told Andy that Bing hits unbelievers on the head with his war hammer with the shout, “BING!”, hilarity ensued.

  2. Methinks that Josh's campaigns have become distinctly more lethal than usual. That's the second character not run by Scott that has bit the dust in the last month, unless I've lost count.

  3. I blame D&D 3rd edition, myself. First level D&D characters are very fragile. Characters in Neng, or even Deadlands, start out equivalent to D&D 5th level or so; even if the combat systems were equally lethal (and I think D&D is more so), the difference between 4-10 hit points and 20-50 hit points is huge–it's much more than just 5 times as safe, because characters can (and in my other games almost always do) bug out when they're getting hurt. But when a single blow can take you out….

  4. So how come when Pedro flees a battle it's “Oh, Pedro's so evil!”, but when Link flees, it's “Ooh, Link can do no wrong!” I smell a distinct double standard here!

    Cowardice does not equal evil!

  5. Anyway, what got me wasn't that Pedro ran away,
    but that he ran away FROM A FLYING CREATURE by
    repeatedly jumping off high ledges and breaking his
    legs. I was amazed that he attempted this, and
    even more amazed that it worked!

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