Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Nothing in particular happened Sunday. Wendy and Doug were the only ones who could make it, and Doug had to bail when work paged him, so we ended up watching Teen Titans and Duck Dodgers. Thanks, TiVo!

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch

  1. Hey, you forgot about Russell. Of course, that might be because your evil plot to force the poor man to GM failed miserably…

    I did enjoy Teen Titans! We should do that again, especially if there's an episode where Starfire and Raven do something beyond shooting little pink hearts out of their eyes.

  2. There was a cool Teen Titans episode which was all Raven and Starfire: they switch minds and have to learn about eachother in order to control their powers and rescue the others. If it comes up again I'll save it.

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