Ars Character Creation – Antonio Dandolo

Hey All,

I thought I'd throw up the character concept on the blog that we were going through on email so that everyone can make fun of it! (Or at least anyone who actually reads this anyway….)
>'s are my original email
text are Paul's responses.

I had a quick chat with Paul, so I thought I'd go through a bit of chargen online. I'll throw out some ideas which Paul may nix.

Here we go:

Antonio Dandolo
Grandson of sitting Doge Enrico Dandolo
Age 25

> Antonio Dandolo
> Grandson of sitting Doge Enrico Dandolo
> Age 25

I like the idea, but for this, you might have to spend a virtue.

> Discovered with the gift in 1185 at the age of 10. Apprenticed 10
> years at the Weather Diviners Guild. Active Full Mage for 5 years. So far
> been given secondary “mage” duties on important business. Expected to reach
> Primary status soon.
> Covenant: Weather Diviners Guild

I like it, but we'll come up with a suitable translation.

> This cover of this Covenant is that they are a group of
> “Astrologers” who give advice to the shipping families of Venice as to when
> the stars tell the best time to launch your ships. What this covenant
> really does is fufill an unwritten agreement between the noble families of
> Venice that should any of their children have the “Gift” they will be
> “disowned”

No need to disown, we'll figure something else out.

> and given to the guild so that dispersion cannot be cast upon any
> family by the church for political gain. There is some “taint” associated
> with having a gifted child so most families who have turned over a child
> don't talk much about it, but being Venetian, having a “friend of the
> family” in the guild can sometimes be used as leverage.
> The Covenant is actually funded directly by the Doge, and its
> primary responsibility is the defense of Venice. Secondary responsibilities
> are ensuring the delivery of high-priority messages to places around the
> Mediterranean, and acting as go-betweens for Venetian families in dispute.

I am thinking that this Covenant might be involved with the Arsenal. For info:

> Training in Auram and Aquam is encouraged, though the specific strengths of
> the students are taken into account. Because of the insular nature of the
> Covenant many of students' magic is slightly odd or somewhat non-standard.
> The Covenant has their own versions of many powerful Air and Water spells
> set aside for the defense of Venice should it be needed.

I like the spells, but I would keep the covenant training to be a tad more broad for the defense of Venice.

> Pros: All Magi members of the Covenant carry the Doge's symbol with
> them, indicating that while on the Doge's business, the bearer should be
> treated as the personal representation of the Doge. Help should be offered
> when requested, and interference should expect retribution.
> Cons: Magi of the order are not supposed to be in the employ of
> mundane and the Covenant is looked upon suspiciously by other members of the
> order. So far they've been tolerated because they keep themselves out of
> the public eye, and most of their work can be attributed to random chance.
> They Covenant wishes to keep it this way, lest they bring down the wrath of
> the Quasetors upon themselves.

We'll talk about this, but I like better thatit is an open “secret,” meaning that people know that this is going on, but it really isn't in anyones best interest to make noise about it. It makes the covenant's existence a bit more precarious, which I like.

> Personal Profile:
> Antonio's small wiry frame, tattered loose fitting tunic, swaying
> gait and penchant for bare feet all seem to fit someone working the decks of
> a ship better than someone walking the hallways of the Doge's palace.
> For the first 10 years of his life, Antonio lived the life of
> extreme luxury and privilege, with every sign of growing up to be the most
> spoiled of aristocratic children. Unfortunately for him, he was found to be
> tainted with the gift, and was quite put out with his family when he was
> shunted off to sweep floors and wash odd shaped glassware until his hands
> were raw. His initial intolerance led to beatings and running away.. which
> promptly led to being forcibly returned by his family and more beatings.
> Having lived a year in his new surroundings and having learned nothing, his
> teachers despaired for a way to tame the boy, let alone have the boy fulfil
> his potential.
> At least until his first trip to sea.
> A new mentor thought it might be good for the boy to have some time
> away from the Covenant and see what he might become if his applied himself.
> Lucky for the boy, Magi Michele was a skilled weather mage, and during
> several storms, was able to not only save the ship from sinking multiple
> times, but was able to give Antonio his first successful lessons at the same
> time. By the end of the voyage, Antonio had managed to surpass most of his
> classmates' education for an entire year.
> For years, Antonio went out on every voyage he could get away with,
> learning by example from his fellow Magi during both the boredom of becalmed
> seas and the excitement of storms. Air, Water and the ship became his real
> home, and he learned some odd things for a Venetian and for a mage.
> 1) Keeping one's word keeps everyone alive.
> 2) Being too lost in thought gets you hit by a swinging spar.
> 3) Clouding someone's mind gets you thrown overboard.
> This odd set of lessons, has given him an interesting reputation
> back home. He has little patience for the long-winded speeches and court
> pleasantries that he used to thrive in. However, having all the personal
> power he can handle, and no need or want for many material goods, he is one
> of the few persons in the city who can't be bought. As such, he is
> beginning to be sought out to oversee tense negotiations and difficult
> deals. Not everyone is happy with his personality change (mainly his own
> family), but few can openly antagonize a mage who has powers over the
> elements which give them so much of their wealth.

Nah, his family would love the personality change. The more Dandolo lions the better. Now one of the other aristocratic families might be another matter …

> V/F Modifications: Ex Misc. has 1 Bonus Minor Magical Virtue, 1 Bonus Major
> Story Virtue and 1 “Bonus” Major Magical Flaw.
> Flaws:
> Major:
> 1) Study Requirement – Can't learn unless around the item to be
> studied (0 pts)
> 2) Technique Deficiency (Intelligo) – Totals for Intelligo are
> halved for everything but magic resistance. (3 pts)
> 3) Oath of Fealty – Magi are not supposed to be directly tied to a
> mundane entity. (Some however do) (3 pts)
> Minor:
> 1) Form Deficiency (Mentem) – Totals for Mentem spells are halved
> for everything but magic resistance (1 pt)
> 2) Weird Magic – Whenever you roll botch dice, you roll an extra
> “weird” botch die. If this botch die hits, you its not necessarily bad, but
> something bizarre happens
> 3) — ?
> 4) — ?
> Virtues:
> Major:
> 1) Elementalist – When you gain an XP in one Element
> (Earth/Air/Fire/Water) you gain a point in all of the elements (3 pts)
> 2) ?? – The character has the protection of a major NPC group or
> personage (0 pts)
> 3) Technique Specialty (Rego) – ??? (3 pts)
> Minor:
> 1) Form Specialty (Auram) (0 pts)
> 2) Form Specialty (Aquam) (1 pt)
> 3)
> 4)
> 5)
> Doug