I just finished a tough mission in an office building in CoH, left the building, and found myself in the middle of a firefight between a bunch of folks way higher in level. Before I could even run, I got toasted by one of the baddies, and now my character has an experience debt to work off… just as I was about to start on that, though, a freakish downpour knocked out my cable modem connection. The Comcast techs think that some water got in a splitter somewhere, but they can't send anyone out to look at it until Friday morning. It might start working again as it dries out, but until then no CoH for me…

4 thoughts on “Woe

  1. Just keep telling yourself, “It's only debt.”

    It certainly makes the suicide missions in Perez Park more palatable. 🙂

  2. I think my current mission is one of those suicide missions. The assignment is to beat up 10 members of the Circle of Thorns, and one of the places the contact suggested to look was Perez Park…. I don't even know what the Circle of Thorns guys look like, let alone where to find them or what they can do. I'm thinking that when I reconnect I may just cruise around looking for Gravediggers weak enough to take on, or just head back to Galaxy City…

  3. Hey Josh,

    Ah, you've got the “Get 10 CoT” Mission. This is more annoying that difficult. CoT are really in 2 places that you can get to at your level… Kings Row and Perez Park. Levels 6,7 and depending on whether you feel lucky or not, 8 should be spent in KR (Perez Park is just too tough at 6+7). However, CoT in KR are really only found on Rooftops, at night. Now, you may be more agile than I am at climbing up the fire escapes, but I could do 4-5 buildings in a “Night”. I'd try the tallest building I could find, and then look around to see if I could see any CoTs, then go to that building, climb it and fight the CoTs. (The green smoke + fire is really easy to spot at night) These CoTs are level 6-7, so you should be able to “apprehend” them fairly easily, it's just tedious finding them. It took me 4 “nights” to apprehend 10. Hope you can do better.

    The suicide missions in Perez Park are the inside ones (caves) that are inside the park (Rescue X, Find the Y.) The office building ones are hit/miss.You'll know you're on a suicide mission when you start losing your whole party, over and over. It's quite obvious. 🙂

    You must group in Perez Park, preferably a well balanced group (2-3 melee – 1 tanker, 1 scrapper, 1 either) (3 blaster types, 1 wacky defender, 1-2 healers) to do well. You can do with less melee in the outdoors, but you need tankers on the indoor missions. Healers are always welcome.

    Good luck. I may be able to play again on Monday, but this weekend is going to be spent inhaling organic solvents painting my basement.

  4. The characters I have that have been given King's Row missions are (so far) all fifth levels. I think I have three of them now. My current plan is to hang around Atlas City or Galaxy City beating up on things that are only one or two levels higher, instead of running around and around King's Row looking for something that doesn't con purple or come in groups of three oranges and two reds.

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