Sentinels, Ho!: Sunday the 20th

Since Brian had a cold and couldn't show up, and Paul came late and left early because of moving hassles, we didn't get a lot done. Doug and Wendy made characters for a Silver-Age Sentinels d20 campaign, since I have a hankering to run some supers (at least in weeks when we don't have a quorum), and then beat up some thugs. As usual, Doug made a sickeningly crocked character with minimal effort (10 out of a possible 10 levels of Density Increase will do that, apparently): a first-level character with 78 hit points and 50 point armor. Wendy, more or less as usual, came up with a perfectly reasonable character (Psycho-Kitty, a psionic character with Mind Control, Telekinesis and Telepathy) and then proceeded to roll really crappily for the duration of the battle. Many cries of “I suck!” were heard.

3 thoughts on “Sentinels, Ho!: Sunday the 20th

  1. I really, really wish I could have come, but this wasn't just “a cold,” this was the Giant Evil Head Cold From Hell. My son brings these things home from day care, and they just give him the sniffles, maybe a cough, but when they get into an adult system (specifically, mine…my wife is usually unaffected), they mutate into evil alien viruses that lay me out completely for a couple of days, and then just make me miserable for another week. I have no idea how contagious I am in the “miserable” stage, but I didn't want to risk infecting everybody else. Besides, I usually lose my voice in that stage, which is counter-productive to role-playing, unless I created a character called The Wheeze or something like that.

    But man, I hate missing out on the super-hero action. I just can't get enough Silver Age, I'll tell ya.

  2. I'm still disappointed we didn't run the Grammarnator, Punctuation Princess, and Dr. Syntax. Ah, well…

    There's a new origin story coming for Psycho-Kitty, due to had-time-to-think-it-over syndrome and desire for distinctive mannerisms. 😉 And last but not least… Have I mentioned lately that nothing beats having someone say “It doesn't matter — you can't go wrong, as long as you don't roll a 1” just before you roll a 1? Yessirree, that right there is why I love gaming!

  3. That's OK. I've got other character ideas in mind as well, so if “Platiumn Blonde” has “Hrulgar Syndrome” (anything that can take on Hrulgar just eats the rest of the party for lunch, thus making it fairly un-fun for everyone) we can leave PB as an NPC who gets mind controlled every now and again. 🙂

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