Ding! Ding! Ding!

Brawnwen is now 5th level, and Thudmilla 4th. Magma Maid and Dark Betty are still 3rd, so I'll probably take one for a spin tonight, while Thunderella languishes in 2nd. I actually started Thunderella over again to change her costume a bit–I'm still not completely satisfied, but I didn't realize the first time around how much the bottom looked like a thong…hey, most of the time you're looking at your character from the rear, you know, so it makes a difference…It was also an experiment to see if you could re-use a name of a discarded character. The answer is yes, so I'm probably going to experiment a bit more with costume design on any new characters. Before I was afraid I would be using up decent names just to get a look at the character in the game (where most of the time you're looking at a much smaller, less detailed view than in the character creation screens.)

Jeff and Andy were over last night, and I helped Andy make up a character on a different server (all mine so far are on Pinnacle). Andy created a Mutant Blaster with Energy Blast/Energy Control, and a pretty eye-catching red and yellow costume with a hood and facemask so all you can see are the yellow goggles. His name is “Star-Blaze” Note the hyphen, since “Starblaze” and “Starblazer” were already taken. After I set him up, he played through the tutorial and got to second level. Of course, with all the video games he plays, it's not too surprising he's good at it.

“Ding” by the way, is what those who sling the lingo call going up a level. It's both a transitive and instransitive verb: “Crimson Cuckoo just dinged!” or “I dinged 5!”

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  1. Hey Josh,


    Well, I experienced my first bouts with irreparable link death last night. Hopefully that wont continue. As much fun as staring at the login screen with “Not connected to Server” turns out to be, the game is still better.

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