The Backup Campaign

For a while now I’ve wanted to have a campaign, or at least a setting, which we could use on days when there weren’t enough of us present to run one of our ongoing games.  I’ve tried a couple of things as “backup” games, but so far nothing’s really gelled.   We had a couple of […]

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I’d Buy That for a Dollar!

Just downloaded my copy of Miscellaneum of Cinder by Jeff Rients (Book) in Games A book of random dice charts for the kind of referee who likes lots of random dice charts. Broadly compatible with most games involving deadly underworld environs and magical flying dinosaurs with acute halitosis. Dice sold separately. Next step: putting some […]

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The Ghoul’s Shrine

Well, I finished my One-Page Dungeon Contest entry and mailed it in.  It was interesting and fun, though I’m not sure that what I produced was any great shakes.  I spent a lot more time than I had planned just wrestling with the format and trying various tools.  I ended up drawing it free-hand with […]

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Writing a Free RPG

The Free RPG Blog: Rob Lang’s free guide to organising your RPG is a nice guide that I’ll definitely be returning to when I try to write up my system notes for my latest franken-brew. The part that I’m unsure about is just how necessary setting information is. I never use it myself, except perhaps […]

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My Appendix N

via The Omnipotent Eye (among others), here’s a quick list of the literary influences on my earliest RPGs: Alexander, The Prydain Chronicles Burroughs, John Carter, Warlord of Mars Byfield, The Book of Weird De Camp, The Complete Enchanter Dickson, The Dragon and the George Eager, Half Magic Goldman, The Princess Bride Heinlein, Glory Road Howard […]

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