Who needs a Thief?

In the continuing story of the 3 Palidinos (and thieHHHHcleric.. and the monk) we revisit the dungeon “Back to the Adobo!” Placido continues his plummeting ways, we discover how many kobolds can dance on the head of a spear, and why you should always search piles of rubble.

Minutes of the “Sack the Adobo” project, August 22nd.
Attendees: Placido, Ogden, x-Mike's Char-x

We opened the meeting with a recap of the minutes of the last meeting, (Yes, we re-opened the same trapped door that we opened at the end of the last session.) and we reitterated everyone on the team's roles. (Placido continued to insist all Halflings are thieves, no matter how many heal spells Ogden cast, nor the fact that we kept setting off every trap) Everyone took their places (Placido's natural place seems to be at the bottom of a pit) and we began working. (x-Mike's Char-x was more helpful than the monk in this instance since he was able to hold the rope while the injured Placido climbed/was pulled up) After comming to an impass (we found that we were unable to cross the 10 ft pit) we regrouped and attempted a workaround. (We backtracked to the previous intersection, took an alternate path, and opened another door, which while suprisingly not trapped, did contain more kobolds on the other side) There was some good team problem solving (Ogden continued his rampage with his sling, Placido did some whacking with his greatsword, though poor x-Mike's Char-x had a kobold jump onto his spear and attempt to put an arrow through his skull. Thankfully, they were both suprised enough by the success of this manuever that the shot bounced harmlessly off x-Mike's Char-x's helmet) however, there was some intra-team squabbling which had to be resolved by management. (In a fit of piqueishness, Placido complained to his god that the Cleric was causing more damage than he. Unfortunately, for both Ogden and the party in general, his wish was granted and the Cleric was unable to even attempt to help out later with a more powerful monster). Pt 2 later…

2 thoughts on “Who needs a Thief?

  1. Just a second here…
    1) Placido fell into the same pit he fell into last week? You couldn't recognize it by the broken loom part with the rope dangling from it?
    2) You backtracked? How? Please tell me you weren't attempting to use my map.

  2. I'm… uh… dumbfounded. Wow. So, when do we get Part Deux of Return to the Player-Pounding Adobo?

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