Gaming Summary, January 16, 2005

This past Sunday, we started a brand new Neng campaign, with an emphasis on young(ish) low-powered characters.

Here’s the cast:

  • Joshohai (Wendy), also called Jo, a light-fingered type who has spent some time out in the greater world “earning” her fortune, and has temporarily returned home while the heat cools down.
  • Tobias (Brian), Joshohai’s younger brother. He apprenticed as a teamster with his father, but his size led him to switch caravan guarding, and he’s recently decided to try his hand at being a mercenary.
  • Josiah (Paul), a war-witch and friend of Tobias. Josiah also earns his living as a caravan guard.
  • Thamon (Doug), a young enchanter. Thamon is the fourth son of a Thein, and travels about the countryside, supposedly showing the flag, but mostly cultivating his playboy image. He’s charming and good-looking, and he knows it.
  • The setting is Swiftside, a moderately prosperous town in the Seidoral Theindom. Swiftside sits beside the River Swift, and beyond the town, the Swift isn’t navigable. Therefore, trade coming up the Swift from Port Autumn all comes through Swiftside and switches to caravans. The other distinguishing feature of Swiftside is the Burning Forest, a forest infested with fire wights that borders the town. A clever moat system, and lots of water sprites to run it, keep the town safe from fire.

    As the curtain rose, the PCs were sitting in a tavern. Joshohai and Thamon were about to engage in a drinking contest, although one or both of them may have been cheating. Tobias and Josiah were dicing nearby. The mayor’s daughter, Chedorlai, entered the tavern and heads straight for Thamon, interrupting his bluster. She asked to speak with him privately. Thamon, sensing Chedorlai’s obvious distress, granted her request. Chedorlai needed Thamon’s aid on a matter of some discretion, and required that he agree before telling him what it was. She needed him to take a private message to Esmerelda, the Enchantress of the Burning Forest. He may not tell anyone what he’s doing or why, although he may hire help. She also gave him a charm that may discourage fire weights from attacking.

    During this conversation, Tobias moved to loom behind Joshohai, in case Thamon decided to run out on his bet. (It should be noted that Joshohai neither asked for nor appreciated the looming, but didn’t actually tell Tobias to stop.) When Thamon returned to the table, he immediately offered to hire the siblings, and Josiah as well. He couldn’t tell them what the mission was, but asked them to gear up and meet him outside of town in two hours.

    At the rendezvous, the other three party members agreed to the mission, and Thamon filled them in on the specifics. The party was less than thrilled to be venturing into the Burning Forest, but were honor-bound to continue. The party easily crossed the remarkably clear, swift water of the moat, and found themselves within the forest proper. Sensing an immanent encounter, the group chose to break for the night.