Yet Another Campaign Begins!

Hey All,

We started another campaign on Sunday. Here’s the Info that the players know so far…


Campaign Name: TBD
Campaign Purpose:
In order to still allow RPing with a limited number of players, I have created a troupe-style campaign, where the characters will stay the same from adventure session to adventure session, but who plays who will change.

Campaign Materials:
I will try and create some maps that I can post here.

Note: Due to time constraints and the non-standard play-schedule, I am taking most of the campaign scenarios from the collection of Dungeon Magazines that I have stacked up in the closet. The main campaign will be a mix of the “Age of Worms” campaign which is now being released, the “Shackleborn” campaign which was just completed, and some other cool singular/2-3 part adventures.

All PCs are members of the Holy Order of Galmut. Galmut is the “Carter of the Sun”. Members of this order are known for investigating lost places and criminal activities throughout the land. They claim to “Bring light to the Darkness.” Most law abiding folk are friendly towards them, though few really want people known for investigating whatever takes their fancy hanging around too long. Shadier types try to stay clear of them so as not to draw more attention, but have been known to not be above “persuasion”.
I started with the 4 basic classes, but may have “alternate” parties to go through some scenarios for either background information, change of pace, etc.
Bothgar Hardanson – Male Human Fighter
Cyrus Greenstone – Male Human Wizard
Reyda Vanderwine – Female Human Cleric
Sasha Fleetfoot – Female Halfling Rogue

LockCrossing – A major trading city. Located at the crossroads of 3 empires, and contains the only navigable waterway from the Great Inland Sea to the Southern Ocean. Name comes from 7 huge locks which make the canal through the middle of the city. The city and the canal are built in a Fissure in the upshifted land which forms the mountains to the west and the embankment to the east which keeps the inland sea from rushing into the Southern Ocean. Other landmarks are: the large stone pillars along the canal which mark the entrance/exit of the canal and the the locations of each of the lock doors and the serpentine road up the eastern slope of the fissure.

Diamond Lake – A mining community in the mountains west of LockCrossing. The current location of the party.

Temple of the Setting Sun – The starting location for the party. The party was raised here as orphans where they were trained as troubleshooters/investigators.

Wailing Caverns – The tomb which the party is currently investigating.

NPCs so far:

Happy Hairfoot – M Halfling Rogue – The party’s “mentor” at the Temple.
Grace Lightbringer – F Elf Cleric – One of LockCrossing’s High Priests, present at the party member’s “graduation” and has given them their first assignment.

Diamond Lakeites:

Allustan – M Human Wizard – THe party’s current contact in Diamond Lake. Sent word to Grace that an adventuring company was putting together an expedition to delve into the Wailing Caverns. He was interested as to why a profiteering company might be interested in an old cave frequented by Diamond Lake’s children, so he sent word to Grace that the Galmutites might try and beat them to it.
He claims to try and keep out of local politics.

Balabar Smenk – Information gotten from Allustan indicates that there’s some sort of mine war (economic and otherwise) brewing. Balabar’s name was brought up as someone who’s been successful.

Session 1: August 28th
This was the introductory session. The characters were introduced. The module was found, but not with the maps, which were not with the writing instruments, etc. Eventually everything was located. Character names and the introduction was mocked, at which point the adventure started.

The party started by graduating from their apprenticeship at the Temple of the Setting Sun. Happy Hairfoot informed the group that they were getting an audience with Grace. Grace informed the party that unlike most of their peers who were being brought back to LockCrossing to fight local crime, the party was going to go to Diamond Lake to answer a request for inquiry from a local wizard Contact named Allustan. The party then followed the caravan back towards LockCrossing until they turned off for Diamond Lake in the mountains west of LockCrossing.

The party entered via the main trade road. They passed by a premiere weapons shop and realized they weren’t going to be able to afford anything. The next building they came across was a tavern which was unexpectedly populated by a number of quiet unpleasant folk. “We don’t serve strangers here” came the cry from a particularly burly fellow. The party responded with “We’re looking for someone named Allustan” at which point the burly man harumphed and told them that the Wizard lived in the house on the hill behind the tavern. The party then treked up the hill, towards the largish house with the smoke coming from the chimney and the flashes of light from the window.

The party was greeted with a “Come in! I’ll just be a minute!”. When they entered, they saw a man in standard wizard garb mixing bubbling liquids together, ending with a flash, smoke and a strange colored potion. “Definately a Wizard” was muttered under the party’s breath. Allustan welcomed each member in turn, and told them that he was interested in having the company investigate the Wailing Caverns. The party should have at least a week before the other adventuring company arrived, and while the local political scene was in flux, with the mine managers at each other’s throats and a man named Balabar Smenk currently on top of the mine manager’s heap. Allustan said he was unaware of why an adventuring company might want to investigate a cavern that was supposed to be empty and a place children dare each other to go. He then gave the party directions, and away they went.

The party cautiously started down the entry corridor and spotted the thing that gave the caverns their name. Someone long ago had carved a pattern onto the walls to hide small tubes which would cause a sound when air would blow through them. Bolstered by the enthusiasm of their find, they contined down the hall finding a rolled up blanket which crumbled as they poked it with a staff. Outcoves branched left and right. Scouting the left corridor, they found what resembled the remains of the casing of a very old mirror. The “glass”appeared to be made from a shiny black material which felt odd. The right corridor ended after a short way, closed off by an old cave-in. Continuing down the main corridor, they could see outcoves again to the left and right, and that the corridor opened into a larger area ahead.