Elves & Espers Reboot

Tonight we started up the Elves & Espers campaign again, this time using Savage Worlds instead of my half-baked Classic D&D as SF homebrew.  I reworked the existing characters using the SW rules, but abandoning the back-story where they all came from a pre-Apocalyptic domed city (a la Fallout).  Instead they’re all beginning adventurers in one of the setting’s major futuristic cities:  New Ark City.

Unfortunately, little things in the very beginning often set the tone for the campaign, and this one got on the track to unimaginable horror… but from the GM’s point of view instead of the players… round about when the players started assigning names to their pregens.  In short order we had Bongo, Tank McSplatter of the Hobbit McSplatters, Josepi Antonio Vincente, Stanley McStan of Clan McStan, and Icca.  Oy.

update: Icca has been renamed Idariel 7

3 thoughts on “Elves & Espers Reboot

  1. Hmm, Elves & Espers sounds interesting. Can you give us some more details on your campaign. And I agree with you that your players’ character names are unimaginable horror! Yikes!

  2. I’ve been reading backwards through your Elves & Espers posts and I love the setting. I may steal them for a campaign some day.

    You have a good eye for homebrewed mechanics that have a solid SW feel.

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