This Is So Going Into My Next Game

  • An enormous amphibian that lived 240 million years ago in Antarctica could really sink its teeth — all three rows of them — into prey, considering it had an extra set of large, sharp teeth on the roof of its mouth. Its tooth-packed mouth, 2.75-foot-long head and 15-foot body help to explain how this beast, Kryostega collinsoni, was Antarctica’s top known Triassic predator.

And if it turns out to be Modern Day, so much the better!

2 thoughts on “This Is So Going Into My Next Game

  1. In my last game, a demon was trying to convince a player to come over to the dark side, leading to the following exchange:

    PC: I don’t know, how’s your dental plan?
    DM: Excelent! All the teeth you want!

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