Elves & Espers: G-nomes

G-nomes are the descendants of pre-Apocalypse gnomes, and embrace genetic engineering with the same enthusiasm (and sometimes explosive results) as their ancestors embraced mechanisms and before that alchemy.  They use magical viruses to rewrite their own genetic codes to cosmetically alter their appearances and give themselves interesting and unusual animal parts and abilities. They are the size of gnomes (about the size of a human child) and are always humanoid, with large eyes, but sport a wide variety of fur, scales, feathers, or brightly colored skins, as well as accouterments like horns, claws, fangs, and so forth.

In New Ark City they’re often found as Web Runners, using their rocket-skates to traverse the cables that make up the web delivering messages hither and yon, or in similar professions where regard for one’s personal safety is regarded as a handicap.


Small (-1 Toughness)
Natural Weapons (Str+d6 with one, or Str+d4 with two) – G-Nomes may choose what natural weapons they have, and may choose to shed them and grow different ones, though the process takes a week during which they will have no usable natural weapon.
Attractive +2 CHA. G-Nomes may look bizarre, but they see no reason to be unattractive, and whatever look they adopt will be designed to be aesthetically pleasing
Low Light Vision.  Their large eyes give them low-light vision.

2 thoughts on “Elves & Espers: G-nomes

  1. Pardon my asking the obvious question, but if G-nomes can alter their DNA, why wouldn’t they make themselves taller?

  2. Why would they want to be freakishly tall?

    More seriously, generally smaller changes are more successful; major changes like being human-sized or larger, or having wings capable of self-sustained flight require really extensive modifications (bigger, heavier bones or lighter hollow bones, muscles to move them, larger heart and lungs, changes to the digestive system) that take years to complete and don’t always work. Certain mad G-nomes might, but the majority of them think they’re already the right size.

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