Elves & Espers: COBOLds

COBOLds are biological constructs left over from a previous era, designed as workers to do all the dirty and dangerous infrastructure jobs. Although looked down on and widely regarded as obsolete compared to the shiny new droids, they still do most of the grunt-work that keeps the arcology running because they still work and it would be too expensive to replace them.  They are short, stocky humanoids, completely bald, with blue skins and big noses.  They are persistent, but not very creative, and have little sense of self-preservation. When they do appear in the upper city, they are looked upon with a mixture of disdain and pity.


Construct – +2 to recover from being shaken, immune to poison, disease, radiation, and aging
Hardy – A second Shaken result doesn’t amount to a wound.
Small – -1 Vigor
Outsider – -2 Cha

Because of their backgrounds, in New Ark City COBOLds are forbidden to take AB:Esper, AB:Trooper, or AB: Roguechemist.

3 thoughts on “Elves & Espers: COBOLds

  1. I’ve been following these for a little while… and I’m very interested. Is this a commercially published game or is it a homebrew?

  2. The setting is a home-brew, the system is Savage Worlds. The basic idea is “What if D&D had been a pulp SF game instead of fantasy?” The inspiration was reading Jeff Rients’ blog, particularly his discussion of Retro-Stupid games and Encounter Critical. I started with a home-brew system, taking Basic D&D and reworking it as SF, with classes like Scientist, Trooper, Esper…but after a session or so we switched to Savage Worlds since the players liked the setting but not the D&D mechanics so much.

    If I generate enough setting material to make it worthwhile, I plan on putting it together as a (free) PDF for anybody that’s interested. That’s probably a ways off still.

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