Tw-0n (key->green): an Elves & Espers Character

Concept: A Hazmat Transport & Disposal Droid

Agility d4
Smarts d4
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d10

Pace 6, Parry 4, Toughness 7, Charisma -1

Edges: AB: Super, Power Points +5 (x2), Take the Hit (+2 to Soak rolls)
Hindrances: Distinctive Appearance (Waste Disposal Droid), Clueless (-2 to Common Knowledge), Quirk: No Sense of Time
Powers: Ageless(1), Absorption (Magic 4, transference +?), Absorption(Fire/Heat 4), Armor +4 (4), Attack: Wrench (Melee, Heavy Weapon) (4)

Doug’s write-up:

Twonky Green- Hazardous Materials Transport and Disposal droid.

Twonky was a magical residue transport droid deep in the heart of the New Ark City power generation station.  Unfortunately, during the time when Gax was first starting to lose his grip on the city, minor mistakes were beginning to be made, but the aura of infallibility was still being maintained.  One of those mistakes was a change of classification of TW-0N(Key-Green)from automaton to living creature when its transport permit was being renewed at the Department of Moving Vehicles. Normally, this wouldn’t have caused much fuss, except that living creatures aren’t allowed to work inside the power generation area due to the extreme toxicity of the environment, and Twonky was flagged for immediate removal. Repeated visits to the Department of Moving Vehicles to demonstrate his non-living status failed to change their minds, since, as non-security droids, they were forbidden from injuring a living being, which, of course, included changing status from living to not living. The one upside is that living being status has kept him from being “upgraded” and having his idiosyncrasies, errors, bit shifts and buffer overruns put back to normal.

This situation left Twonky without a real purpose.  He was unable to find work in the living being world. Who would hire something that was bathed in ultra-magic for centuries?  So after wandering the arcology for days, months, or years being bored and occasionally making off with full garbage cans, he ended up in the remains of the Broken Spire.  While not nearly as magically charged as his previous job, at least the nice glow reminded him of home.  So he decided that he would make the cleanup of the Broken Spire his new purpose.

It’s been centuries since Twonky started.  The decay of the Spire itself isn’t helping any, but there are a few patches of the Spire that are now almost clean. It’s possibly that he may even finish a whole disk before the tower collapses.

Hey. It’s a job.

I see Twonky as being somewhat irritating to most living beings. Not intentionally, but Twonky tends to take the _long_ view of things.  Time has less meaning to him.  He’s been around thousands of years already. He doesn’t sleep, so there’s no concept of “tomorrow.”  He’s in the middle of his multi-millennia day, and when he eventually turns of, that’s it.


Twonky was generated with Necessary Evil super-powers, which is not generally an option for Elves & Espers characters (except for Trooper’s powered armor).  Doug tried not to be abusive, but the actual stats may be subject to change if it appears to be too much.  Mostly the NE versions of things are helpful for perma powers like Twonky’s Absorbtion…the core version of Super Powers have short durations that make things like immunity to radiation impossible except for brief periods.  I’ll probably be discussing this with Doug some more, but I didn’t want to hold up the game, particularly over something that wasn’t likely to come up during the session.  One thing I’ll probably disallow outright is Twonky’s wrench counting as a Heavy Weapon.

7 thoughts on “Tw-0n (key->green): an Elves & Espers Character

  1. “Doug tried not to be abusive . . .”

    Many a campaign has foundered in the aftermath of that utterance. Beware, young Joshua, beware!

  2. Heh. Actually what I claimed was that what I build was probably abusive, but I’d go out of my way to not take advantage of such things. (And Josh is correct, there’s no way to really represent “passive” powers without resorting to NE, which does seem to be on another power level. I specifically didn’t take the monster-level powers which are allowed in NE like “construct” :))

  3. Yeah, you should probably keep that wrench from being a Heavy Weapon, unless it’s some kind of special gravity wrench. In fact, why’s he need the wrench as a special device at all? I’m a little surprised about him not picking Construct. Also, seems like the magic absorption could get out of hand in that campaign…

  4. @Theron- I think you’re right, the more I look at this, the more it seems the result of trying to cobble a robot together using the NE rules instead of the SF World Builder Toolkit. Not Doug’s fault, since I was too busy trying to get the new players set up to give him guidance, but I think what it really should look like is:

    (+2) Construct: Immune to Disease & Poison; No need to eat, sleep or breath; +2 Recover from Shaken, Repair Only (no natural healing); No extra damage from called shots
    (+2) Environmental Protection (permanent)
    (-1) Outsider
    (-1) Pace 4
    Total: 2, same as the +1 Novice Edge for being Human.

  5. Excellent. Throw in -2 Charisma (you mentioned the robot seeing “the big picture” constantly) and I think the Construct ability balances well enough.

    Where’s the skill list, BTW?

  6. @Theron- well, he gets -2 CHA from being an outsider…are you suggesting he should get another -2 from construct for a total of -4? That seems excessive to me. One thing I’ll probably tweak when I write this up is that Repair Only ought to be a separate hindrance (there are self-repairing constructs in the setting), but environmental protection should be a +3 racial ability (so that it’s more expensive than the +2 ability that only grants +4 on rolls against heat, cold, and radiation).

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