Neat Minis

I use LEGOs for minis, when we use minis, but these GAFDOZ and Hydra minis would be perfect for Elves & Espers.  I’m too cheap to buy them, but I find them inspiring to look at.


Hat tip: Hero Press

5 thoughts on “Neat Minis

  1. Those minis are pretty cool. It’s a real shame that they’re being displayed on a website that’s a good 15 or so years out of date.

    Some neat designs and not half bad paint jobs though!

  2. I’ve seen you make reference to using LEGOs for minis a few times. If you need an idea for a future blog post I’d love for you to go more into detail about how you use them. In other words, do you just use the minifigs, or do you also use LEGOs for terrain and buildings? If you could snap a photo or two of an encounter in progress that would be really cool. I’m getting ready to start running a Deadlands: Reloaded game and am trying to work out exactly how to do the visualization portion of it…

  3. I generally use a combination of dungeon tiles (such as the D&D ones) for the floors, and LEGOs for the figures and various fixtures such as crates, chests, trees, columns and what-have-you. The tiles are neatly marked off into 5′ squares and generally look pretty good, the extra LEGO pieces help to visualize cover, lines of sight, and just give a bit of extra 3D flair. I’ll try to remember to take some shots next time we break them out. In the mean-time, here’s a post I did, showing one of the adventuring parties in a fantasy setting.

  4. Thanks for the information, I appreciate it. I’ve always used 2d tiles and counters for my D&D games but after seeing some of these “trifold” cardstock minis available for DL:R I’ve been wanting to go more 3D. Using LEGOs for furniture and fixtures is a good idea which I hadn’t thought of.

    Thanks again, love the blog, BTW.

  5. I also supplement it with things like this Pirates vs. Skeletons play-set. The figures are a tiny bit big, but it comes with barrels, wheel-barrows, chests and crates. It’s also cheap as hell compared to LEGOs or standard minis. It’s easy to find stuff like this at toy and drug stores if you’re not too picky about scale.

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