The Rule of Goofy

A graphical representation of Rule of Cool | Greywulf’s Lair The inestimable Dr. Checkmate’s observation: I disagree. Purely subjective of course, but one man’s cool is another man’s goofy. And there is no rule of goofy. Actually, I think there is a Rule of Goofy, and it goes something like this: The ability of an […]

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The Rule of Cool: A Useful Tool

The Geek, at Geek Related, writes: Why the Rule of Cool Is Not Cool I’ve been following the debate about the so-called “Rule of Cool.”  It’s a “TV Tropes” concept extended to RPGs by  the Chatty DM, (original post “The Rule of Cool” here, and clarification “The Rule of Cool Takes Flak” here).  A number […]

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Descent into the Fetid Depths

Session Summary for 1/4/2009 Elves & Espers campaign This session we had a new addition to our gaming group: Andrew, Elyssa’s step-brother, and his girlfriend Sarah (who had never gamed before, but agreed to come along and watch).  Andrew took over playing Tank McSplatter, and Doug switched to a new character he’d come up with […]

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