A Personality Mechanic

Here’s an orphaned Personality Mechanic that I developed for Elves & Espers, before we started using Savage Worlds. It was a pure descriptive mechanics, intended to give the player some ideas for a personality for the character, but having no mechanical affect during play.

Drive: Roll 1d10 to determine your strongest drive:

    1. Sex
    2. Money
    3. Fame
    4. Power
    5. Religion
    6. Knowledge
    7. Thrills
    8. Comfort
    9. Love
    10. Food

    Note that the way you choose to live your life may be in opposition to that drive–it is just what tempts you, not necessarily what you do.

    Aversion. Roll 1d10 on the Aversion chart to see what drive you are averse or indifferent to. If it’s the same as the positive drive, you can choose to either regard yourself as neutral in that regard, or as powerfully conflicted.

      1. Commitment
      2. Work
      3. Attention (you’re shy)
      4. Responsibility
      5. Rules
      6. New Ideas
      7. Danger
      8. Boredom
      9. Rejection
      10. Being Unattractive