The Ghoul’s Shrine

The Ghoul’s Shrine is my entry in the One-Page Dungeon contest.  It didn’t win anything, a fact which I can ascribe only to blatant favoritism on the part of the judges.

Not really, but anybody who expects me to pass on an opportunity to use a perfectly apropos quote from Tom Lehrer obviously doesn’t know me very well.

It has a couple of amusing features, and I’m glad I took the trouble to enter since it forced me to figure out how to use Chgowiz’s One Page Dungeon templates and the various tools I have to make a semi-decent looking free-hand dungeon map.  But compared to some of the other entries I’ve seen (such as Michael Wolf’s astonishing Horror of Leatherbury House) it’s pretty weaksauce.

2 thoughts on “The Ghoul’s Shrine

  1. I was thrilled at each and every entry – every single one represented, to me, a way to share in the games that you guys play. I was really humbled by that and I had a great time reading them all.

    And yes, beer is always a favorite. ;D
    .-= Chgowiz´s last blog ..Truly free RPGs deserve your vote =-.

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