Out-RAGE-e-ous Accents

Here’s a comment I left on an RPG Blog II post about Dwarves with Scottish Accents:

eh, it’s amusing and it passes the test for character accents: it’s easy enough for amateurs to produce recognizably. It matters not at all whether it’s authentic, only that the audience can recognize it. The fact that people know it’s inauthentic may actually be a feature: people who are much too self-conscious to attempt an accent where they might be judged against the real world seem to be comfortable with doing the over-the-top parody accents: och aye Scottish, oh I say English, ve haff vays German, I shall taunt you a second time French, bork-bork-bork Swedish, keel moose and squirrel Russian, arrr me hearties Pirate, fur shur rilly Valley Girl…

I know our group does a lot of silly voices, for which we mostly have Rachel and her Sister Theresa to blame.  I know that in addition to the ones I mentioned above Doug sometimes does Monty Burns: eeeexcellent, complete with finger steepling gestures, and a kind of well, shoot iffen that don’t beat all Hick. What ones am I missing?  There are a bunch of bad celebrity voices that I do, but I’m not sure whether they count….


8 thoughts on “Out-RAGE-e-ous Accents

  1. Doug says:

    Quirky sage there is, hrmmm.
    Com-pu-ter Mo-no-tone
    Crikie mate! Your Bruce and Sheila can swim in the Billabong. No worries of crocs or dingos eatin your koala.
    Jah mon. Relax! You just fine!
    Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba!

    For unintelligible babble, you can throw in Wookie, Computer Beeps or Faux-Hawaiian.

  2. Joshua says:

    Doug does a fake-Chinese accent for a Chinese-American character who is deliberately putting on a stereotypical fake-Chinese front (when he’s among friends he just speaks normally), but I think folks are a little leery of racist overtones to Asian accents in a way that they’re not for European accents. I could be wrong about that, since we’ve never really discussed the why of it.

  3. Doug says:

    I’m not quite sure why that is, but I think you’re correct J. I think the same holds true with doing, say, a “Mammy” style voice, or Jim from Huck Finn.

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