Magical Traditions

A quick list of magical traditions that might be used to differentiate the magic of various cultures in an RPG setting. I originally posted these as a comment on a friend’s Google+ query, but I thought it might be of interest outside that circle.
Necromantic (needn’t be all evil zombies & ghouls, could be magic is always done with the help of ancestral spirits and a lot of it is talking to the dead)
Animistic (magic done by dealings with the spirits of natural things)
Alchemic (magic is brewing potions and the like)
Demonologic (magic is dealings with higher powers and extradimensional entities)
Calligraphic (magic is done by drawing talismans and sutras)
Sacrificial (magic is done by sacrificing living things, animals, people, your own blood)
Bardic (magic is done through poetry and song)
Hermetic – magic through the study of the fundamental principles of the cosmos
Hermeneutic – magic through the interpretation of foundational texts
Yogic – magic through meditation and physical practice
Naturalistic – magic through the application of the innate magical properties of natural substances obtained from plants and animals
Shamanistic – magic through communication with the spirit world
Supercalifragilistic – magic through words of power