D&D to Zounds! conversion

D&D to Zounds! conversionStats (min 1)
Toughness 2 +/- CON bonus
Will 2 +/- WIS bonus
Stamina 2
Actions 2 +/- INT bonus (positive only)

If not spell-casting class, or if Cleric:
Name of your Class 4 + (Level)
If spell-casting class (including Cleric):
Combat Spells 4 + Highest Level Spell you can cast. Advantage: Flexible (choose number of spells equal to your score in spells) Disadvantage: Shots (number of shots = power level)
All classes:
Ruggedness 4 + (HP / 6, round nearest)
Reflexes 4 +/- DEX bonus

Charisma 4 +/- CHA bonus
Languages 4 +/- INT bonus
If Melee combat class (Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, etc):
Brawn 4 +/- STR bonus
If Missile combat class (Fighter, Ranger, Thief, etc):
Aim 4 +/- DEX bonus
If spell-casting class:
Knowledge 4 +/- INT bonus (WIS bonus for Clerics)

If Cleric:
Must obey tenets of the church

Small weapon d4 Thrown d4 Leather Armor d4
Medium weapon/staff d6 Bow d6 Chainmail d6
2H Weapon d8 Crossbow d8 Plate Armor d8
Cheap equipment d4
Medium equipment d6
Expensive equipment d8