Suraimu of Salamagundi

A new D&D 5e PC race. slime

Suraimu are intelligent amorphous creatures, usually translucent although some are opaque or even metallic colored; a given Suraimu always stays the same color. Unlike oozes and jellies, Suraimu have visible and fixed eyes and mouths.

Stats: +2 Con

Size: Medium

Speed: 25 ooze, on any solid surface.  Despite lack of legs, Suraimu may jump. Age: Suraimu reach maturity at age 1 and never die of natural causes.

Alignment: Chaotic Languages: speak Suraimu and Common.

Weapons and Armor: Cannot use weapons or armor unless under the influence of a People Potion, but have a natural melee attack (1d6, Acid). They can extend pseudopods to manipulate other items, or even carry items.

Magic: Suraimu can use magic without material components it would ordinarily require or a spell focus (if the spell calls for a consumable material component like gold dust or a gem, the Suraimu must consume it first).

Dissolve: Can attack with 1d6 Acid as a Bonus action against any grappled foe.

Amorphous: Advantage on saves vs. crushing, Damage Resistance against Bludgeoning attacks. Any Slashing attack that does over half the Suraimu’s Max HP may split the Suraimu in two… Make a Death Save or become two creatures dividing the remaining HP between them.  The twin Suraimu have the same personality and memories up to the point of splitting, but are distinct creatures after that.  If they are ever rejoined the memories merge, and but the two personas must battle for dominance (Opposed Wis rolls)…the Suraimu has the levels, XP, proficiencies, etc. of the dominant persona.

Ooze: May pass through any opening large enough for one of the Suraimu’s eyes to fit; this counts as at least one foot of difficult terrain (2 feet of movement) regardless of how thin the barrier is. May not take carried items with them unless the items would also fit.

People Potions: Suraimu can consume People Potions (what other races call Healing Potions) and temporarily assume human form.  A Healing Potion used on a Suraimu doesn’t heal any HP, but changes it into a human for a number of hours equal to the HP that would have been healed.  Other sources of healing such as spells do not have this effect, and heal normally.  People Potions may also be used to re-merge split Suraimu.  Suraimu may decide such things as appearance and gender each time they consume a People Potion, though they will retain some of their natural coloring (typically the hair and eyes), and disguising themselves as a specific other person would be difficult (likely DC 25).  A Resurrection Potion or Phoenix Down will allow a Suraimu to permanently gain the ability to assume human form (switching back is an action).



Nomaru Suraimu come in various colors, with abilities that vary by color.

Abilities are shown in ROYGBIV order (Violet may be Pink instead)

Ability Score Increase: +1 STR/+1 DEX/+1 CON/+1 INT/+1 WIS/ +1 CHA/+1 Random

Damage Resistance: Fire/Necrotic/Poison/Acid/Electricity/Ice/Random


Metaru Suraimu have shiny metallic coloring.  Metaru Suraimu are unable to use People Potions.

Ability Score Increase: +1 Con

Toughness: +4 AC

Conductivity: Advantage on saves vs. Electricity, Damage Resistance vs. electrical attacks


Hearingu Suraimu have the appearance of floating jellyfish, with a gas-bag like head and dangling tentacles.

Ability Score Increase: +1 Wis

Float: unlike other Suraimu, Hearingu Suraimu float through the air at 25′ instead of oozing or jumping.

Heal: You have tentacles dangling beneath you that can heal creatures you touch. You can cast Spare the Dying as a cantrip, and can also cast Cure Wounds once for free (recharges with a Short Rest).  If you know spells, you may additonallycast Cure Wounds with your Spell slots without having it prepared.