It’s Marvelous!

A while back I wrote a web page to help play Marvel Super Heroes, by automating the roll on the “Universal Power Chart” to show you exactly what cell and color your percentile roll lands in based on the Power Level Column (the old Feeble, Poor, Typical, Good, Remarkable, Incredible, Amazing, etc. rating that MSH gave character’s powers). I don’t think it actually got much use, because it does require that you have a browser open when you play… but that was before plague stalked the land like some great stalking thing. Now that folks are doing most of their gaming online, it might be a bit more useful

Marvel FASERIP Universal Power Chart

I’ve moved it to github, since Google is closing down the classic Google Sites where I used to host it.

Oh, and if you have never played it before and want to get into it, you can check out the Classic Marvel Forever website.