Chgowiz Quiz

These were the answers I gave: Blogger: Chgowiz’s Old Guy RPG Blog – Post a Comment I play in three different groups, which meet with varying frequency, one of which has rotating referees, so my answers are somewhat complicated. 1. What are you doing with an original edition/retroclone D&D? I’m a player in an AD&D+homebrew […]

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Which Fantasy Writer Am I?

Interesting.  Not the writer I like best or identify with most, but not bad. I like all of Tolkien, Lovecraft and even Lewis better than I do Moorcock, and I loathe Miéville…but my fictional universes are probably a lot more like Moorcock than any of those three. Your result for Which fantasy writer are you?… […]

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I’d Buy That for a Dollar!

Just downloaded my copy of Miscellaneum of Cinder by Jeff Rients (Book) in Games A book of random dice charts for the kind of referee who likes lots of random dice charts. Broadly compatible with most games involving deadly underworld environs and magical flying dinosaurs with acute halitosis. Dice sold separately. Next step: putting some […]

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The Ghoul’s Shrine

Well, I finished my One-Page Dungeon Contest entry and mailed it in.  It was interesting and fun, though I’m not sure that what I produced was any great shakes.  I spent a lot more time than I had planned just wrestling with the format and trying various tools.  I ended up drawing it free-hand with […]

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Writing a Free RPG

The Free RPG Blog: Rob Lang’s free guide to organising your RPG is a nice guide that I’ll definitely be returning to when I try to write up my system notes for my latest franken-brew. The part that I’m unsure about is just how necessary setting information is. I never use it myself, except perhaps […]

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My Copy of Open Game Table Arrived

And it shore does look purdy. I haven’t read it cover-to-cover, it’s not that kind of book, but leafing through it there are a number of interesting articles that I hadn’t seen before…either they hadn’t caught my eye in the RPG Bloggers Network feed, or they had been posted before I first joined.  And of […]

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Announcing Rollon!

I am pleased to announce that after countless hours in my secret underground labs, I am ready to release my creation on an unsuspecting world! I give you…. Rollon! Rollon Plugin – a plugin for rolling randomly on tables The goal of Rollon is to make creating and rolling on tables as easy as editing […]

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Open Game Table Anthology

Since I am one of the contributors, you’ll naturally want to buy six or seven copies. And six or seven copies for all of your friends. It’s your patriotic duty, after all, to stimulate demand and lift the economy. Open Game Table — Released March 23rd Open Game Table, The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs […]

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