The Land of Nonesuch

I’ve been working a bit on the setting for my game with the kids, which is also my backup game for the Bumblers, possibly a play-by-forum game in the future if I get my act together,  and finally an example setting for the system (tentatively titled The Majyc System).  So it needs a name, and […]

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Unlucky 13

I generally like the idea of fumbles in games, being both true to life and literature, although they can be a problem if they’re too frequent or severe.  A fair number of published systems would have a tenth or more of an army incapacitating themselves over the course of a battle. Another thing that I […]

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Random Exotic Traits Table

Is a Shape-shifter Is a Were-Creature Inherited 1d10 * 100 times the usual starting money Has Random Magic Item Has an Unusual Pet Has a Magical Power Inherited a Noble Title Gets one Wish,which may be used before the start of play or saved Never fumbles (ignore rolls of 13) Savant: automatically has rating of […]

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My Appendix N

via The Omnipotent Eye (among others), here’s a quick list of the literary influences on my earliest RPGs: Alexander, The Prydain Chronicles Burroughs, John Carter, Warlord of Mars Byfield, The Book of Weird De Camp, The Complete Enchanter Dickson, The Dragon and the George Eager, Half Magic Goldman, The Princess Bride Heinlein, Glory Road Howard […]

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The Monstrous Majyc

Well, the meme bug has bitten, and Ravyn asks Doesn’t everyone sometimes wonder what they’d be if they were an RPG-style monster? I did, as part of a coordinated RPG Blogger Bestiary… and I ended up with this. Well, no, the thought hadn’t really crossed my mind before.  But now that you ask. The Majyc […]

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Announcing Rollon!

I am pleased to announce that after countless hours in my secret underground labs, I am ready to release my creation on an unsuspecting world! I give you…. Rollon! Rollon Plugin – a plugin for rolling randomly on tables The goal of Rollon is to make creating and rolling on tables as easy as editing […]

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Alliterative Alphabet

Reposted from Trollhalla, because I’m rather proud of it, my entry in today’s “most popular letter alliteration”: Letter D: Dungeon dinos dine dangerously, drooling, devouring desperate Dwarves, dainty delicate damsels, deadly Deodanths, dark Drow, downy ducks, deciduously decolletaged dryads, droning dowagers, demonic dholes, dashing debonair dandies, deceptive doppelgangers, deranged demons, damned devils, dry desert dervishes, […]

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Monsters I Have Loved

Following the lead of Monsters and Manuals: Top 10 Monsters, here are my Top Ten D&D Monsters, in no particular order: Gelatinous Cube:  I love these guys.  They’re creepy as all get-out, particularly when they’ve got a partially digested skeleton or something suspended in them, they’re not so dangerous as to be unfair and they’re […]

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