Tunnels & Trolls: Magic

Magic in Tunnels & Trolls is a fairly standard (though innovative back in ’76) system of individual spells that cost spell-points to cast.  In earlier editions, your spell-points were your STR, now they’re your WIZ, which seems to me widen the range of possible character types quite a bit.  The names of the spells are […]

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Get Awesome!

Awesome! The Storytelling Game is now available as a PDF or Open Office file.  There’s also character sheets. Download it and give it a whirl! Mucho thanks to Mike DeSanto, who took the original blog post and turned it into a nifty brochure.  Truly Awesome indeed!

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Tunnels & Trolls: Monsters

Here’s a stat-block for a monster from Tunnels & Trolls: Basilisk MR 78 Here’s the same monster, with the initial Combat Adds prefigured: Basilisk MR 78  Adds 8d6+39 Here’s a Basilisk with special damage: Basilisk MR 78 Adds 8d6+39 4/Medusa 4/Medusa means that any turn when it rolls four 6’s in its damage it also […]

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It’s Raining RPG Soup!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bowl! Stargazer’s World » Dungeonslayers: The deed is done! This marvellous tome is based on the 3rd Edition of the original German Dungeonslayers rulebook and already includes the latest errata. The PDF document which can be downloaded for free contains all the rules you need to play […]

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Hot Off the Presses

And just in time to run a memorial game on the anniversary of Gary Gygax’s death one year ago: RetroRoleplaying: The Blog: Microlite74 Version 2.0 Now Available Microlite Version 2.0 is now available for free download. Over 2000 copies of Microlite74 version 1.1 have been downloaded since its release on October 6th last year. Microlite74 […]

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Tunnels & Trolls: Combat

“Combat is the true heart of any role-playing game.” – Ken St. Andre, Tunnels & Trolls v7.5 Combat is the first place that T&T is radically different from what went before…and what came after.  Combat is quite abstract, with turns taking 2 minutes each, during which there is “probably 10 seconds of action and 110 […]

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Tunnels & Trolls: Chargen

At first, the mechanics seem fairly standard.  You have 8 Attributes: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Speed, Intelligence, Wizardry, Luck, and Charisma.  (Wizardry is apparently new in 7+…previously Magic used Strength, which meant that powerful Wizards were also amazingly strong.)  You roll 3d6 for each Attribute…and here you run into the first somewhat unusual thing: if you […]

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