Big Wolf On Campus: Gaming Summary, September 26, 2004

Alert the media — two Borderlands sessions in one month! Surely the End is Nigh!

When we last left our heroes, they were sitting in a van, in the rain, trying to figure out what to do next. They discovered that the only bridge out of town was now underwater, so going home wasn't an option. Tamsin was concerned about Obediah's werewolf-inflicted wounds, but Obediah insisted he was fine, and refused to even consider going to a hospital. The party decided that some rest was in order, and found a nearby Motel 6 to crash at.

Around 3:00 in the morning, Obediah noticed that his wounds were becoming quite uncomfortable, so he woke Chucky to ask for advice. Chucky recommended a good shower, which Obediah did, but he noticed afterward that his wounds were steaming. Chucky decided to take more drastic action, and attempted to paint a healing spell directly on Obediah's skin, but the ink immediately ran off.

Chucky called Fitz and Tamsin for a meeting, at which several options were floated, but no decision was reached. Obediah hid under the covers and refused to let anyone examine his wounds further. Tamsin discovered that Fitz was carrying around a Blackberry with Internet access, and promptly confiscated it. Tamsin research turned up a lycanthropy expert in British Columbia, but he didn't know anything about steaming wounds and werewolves. At a loss, Tamsin and Chucky went out to the van to examine the Party Pole some more.

Armed with the Blackberry, Tamsin tried to find out more about the Party Pole. She discovered that it was inscribed with alchemical symbols, probably indicating the pole's composition, but no more than that. At that point, their examinations were interrupted by a giant wolf crashing through the van's window. Unfortunately, the window was a bit sturdier than the wolf anticipated, and he wasn't able to get his jaws on Chucky. Chucky had prepared a paralysis scroll earlier (in case he needed to use it on Obediah), and quickly slapped it on the wolf, where it suddenly burst into flame. The wolf was quite un-paralyzed, but somewhat surprised and burnt, and ran off into the night to recover. Chucky and Tamsin retreated back into the hotel room.

Chucky warded the room to warn them in case of further attack, and Tamsin took another crack at the notes she'd discovered the previous day, but to no avail. Obediah still wouldn't come out, so the party eventually slept.

The next morning, after much persuasion, Obediah emerged, looking considerably healed, but still somewhat beat-up. After a quick breakfast at Denny's, the group decided to head back up to the university in the hope of learning more about Professor Hill, and possibly to try to find the grad student Fitz and Chucky had encountered. Tamsin learned that the school library has more research material on werewolves than would be expected of a small liberal arts college. She checked the library records, but wasn't able to find any instance of a particular student taking a distinct interest in the material. She also discovered a convincing rumor that President McKinley had been assassinated with a silver bullet.

Next time: Will our heroes make it out of the library unscathed? Will Obediah grow a tail? Will the party ever figure out just what they're doing? Tune in next time and see!