Silver Age Sentinels Chargen: Gaming Summary, October 3, 2004

Last night was spent doing character generation for Josh's new lower-powered Silver Age Sentinels campaign. Of course, the players did their able best to demonstrate that even “lower-powered” can equal “broken” if you push the rules hard enough. Most of us spent our time trying to figure out the character-generation rules, so there wasn't much time for backstory…or even names. Here's what I have so far:

  • Orion, archer/inventor (Wendy)
  • Blue Streak, aka Brandon Marsh, speedster (Brian)
  • Rapid-Fire, aka Number 117, super-soldier (Mike)
  • Jack Miller (no alias), extraordinary durability (Doug)
  • Noir, aka Guy Garrison, skulker (Paul)

Feel free to edit these as more details become available. The setting, as far as I know, is Philadelphia 2004, in a world where superheroes have existed since WWII. Perhaps Josh can provide some more details.

(Updated with more names by Brian on 10/18.)