Arcane Background: Roguechemist

or should that be Rogueomancy?

This is a new Savage Worlds Edge for the Elves & Espers setting:

Arcane Background: Roguechemist

Arcane Skill: Spellcasting (Smarts)

Starting Power Points:10

Starting Powers: 3

Roguechemists create magical potions, which they can then deliver with their gun, called a Caster.  Their primary devices are their Caster and their Bandoleer, which serves as a portable lab.  It takes an hour per spell rank to craft a potion, and the power points aren’t recovered until the potion is used or destroyed, at which point they return to the caster at the usual rate (generally one per hour).  The potions are actually powered by imps bound to the bandoleer, which is why the Power Points are consumed until the potion is actually used or disposed of so the imps can recover the power.

Roguechemists spells are limited to things that plausibly can be done with potions: armor, blast, boost/lower trait, etc.  No summoning, creation, or the like.  Also, no potions that duplicate purely Esper effects such as Telepathy, or Clairvoyance.

Backlash: None

Bonus: Roguechemists can use their Casters to deliver potions, giving them the range increments 12/24/48 (instead of 3/6/9 for a thrown potion) and using their Shooting skill.  Spells that have a range of Touch or Self must be drunk or smeared all over, and cannot be delivered via the Caster.


This Edge represents what the Rogue class was about in the previous incarnation of Elves & Espers. Other than the special perk of ranged delivery with the Caster, Roguechemists operate just like AB: Alchemy from the SW Fantasy World Builder’s Guide.