Arcane Background: Robomancy

This is a new Savage Worlds Edge for the Elves & Espers setting:

Arcane Background: Robomancy

Arcane Skill: Spellcasting (Smarts)

Starting Power Points:10

Starting Powers: 1

Robomancers build and manipulate magical robots.  Their primary device is called a Workbot, a toolkit on treads that they use to create and control other robots.  Each Robomancer power is a separate device, generally a robot, but perhaps a remote or a tool; each power comes with its own Power Points equal to the inventor’s Power Points.

Robomancer powers must all make sense it terms of robots and gadgets, and may not duplicate any purely Esper effects such as Mind Reading or Puppet, though something like Clairvoyance in terms of a mobile spy-eye would be permissible.

Backlash: When a Robomancer rolls a 1 on his Spellcasting die (regardless of his Wild Die), the device has malfunctioned and cannot be used again until he repairs it, which requires a succesful Repair roll and 2d6 hours worth of work.


This Edge represents what the Engineer class was about in the previous incarnation of Elves & Espers. It is essentially the AB: Wierd Science with new trappings.  The first Power that a Robomancer will usually take is Summon Robot, which is a new trapping for Shapechange as suggested in SW Fantasy World Builder’s Guide.  Instead of shapechanging into the creature, you summon one that will obey you for the duration of the spell. In the Robomancer’s case, they snap together a modular robot that has the abilities equivalent to the target creature and enough power to run for the duration of the spell.