Arcane Background: Technomancy

This is a new Savage Worlds Edge for the Elves & Espers setting:

Arcane Background: Technomancy

Arcane Skill: Spellcasting (Smarts)

Starting Power Points:10

Starting Powers: 3

Technomancers bind imps into devices in order to create magical technology.  Their primary device is called a Pentacorder, a slab about the size of a paperback book, with a pentacle permanently carved in it and an imp bound to it to cast spells at the Technomancer’s behest.

Backlash: When a Technomancer rolls a 1 on his Spellcasting die (regardless of his Wild Die), he is automatically Shaken. This can cause a wound.  In addition, if the Technomancer was casting a non-Divination spell, if the spell failed (after the Wild Die is taken into account) it costs an additional Power Point; if that would take the remaining Power Points below zero, there is no effect.

Bonus: Imps love to spy out secrets.  When a Technomancer gets a raise on any Divination spell, the cost of the spell is reduced by 1 Power Point. If the Technomancer also has the Wizard Edge, there is no additional benefit for Divination spells, though non-Divination spells still get the discount.


This Edge represents what the Scientist class was about in the previous incarnation of Elves & Espers: Spock-like scanning and analyzing the world.  Other than the special perk for casting Divination spells, which are any information gathering spells, and penalty for non-Divination spells, this is the same as the AB: Magic in the core book.