Random Mishaps

Fumble tables can be fun, but are often very combat specific.  Here’s a d20 table for random mishaps suitable for fumbling on other rolls:

  1. Lose something
  2. Break something
  3. Make a mistake
  4. Slip and fall
  5. Bang into something
  6. Drop something
  7. Brain fart (lose an action/accomplish nothing this time period)
  8. Sneeze/belch/fart (make unwanted/embarrassing noise)
  9. Interrupted
  10. Chills/foreboding
  11. Misspeak
  12. Mishear
  13. Misremember
  14. Misstep
  15. Misunderstand
  16. Lose control (by personality type, e.g. rage, cry, vomit, panic attack, faint)
  17. Lose track of time (lose 1d4 time units appropriate to current task)
  18. Lose focus (Fail at current task, but roll accomplish some other task instead)
  19. Hurt self
  20. Hurt other