Random Good Fortune

And to balance out the bad luck, a table of random fortunate occurrences.

  1. Ha! Ha! Opponent rolls on Mishap table
  2. That was Quick! whatever you were attempting happens so fast you take another action immediately
  3. Serendipity! your failure succeeds at something else entirely (e.g. attempt to find secret passage harmlessly triggers a trap you missed)
  4. Good Job! you achieve max normal success, whatever that is (e.g. maximum non-critical damage, highest value on a sale)
  5. Inspirational! +1 morale to allies
  6. Educational! allies get XP as if they too had accomplished the task
  7. Lucky! add 1 to your Luck score (if not using Luck, get one free reroll to use later)
  8. Insight! GM reveals one hidden fact about the situation (e.g. the exact number of HP the enemy has left, or which way the quarry went)
  9. Look! Somebody dropped something valuable or interesting
  10. Premonition! Next time you would be surprised, you aren’t
  11. Not as bad as it looks: the most recent bad thing that happened to you is only half as bad as it first appeared or is mitigated by half (e.g. if you took 4 points damage, it was only two; if you lost 10 gp gambling, you discover you were carrying 5 g.p. more than you thought or find a purse with 5 g.p.).
  12. Aha! If you failed, reroll; if you succeeded get double the XP for the task
  13. I meant to do that! failure becomes success in an unexpected way (e.g. opponent blocking a door dodges your blow so violently he hits his head on the lintel)
  14. In the Zone! Win next initiative roll if in combat, complete the task in one less time period otherwise (e.g. if searching the room takes 5 turns, complete it in 4)
  15. Focused! Ignore situational penalties (such as bad lighting, or fatigue) on your current action, if that would change failure to success, otherwise ignore them on your next action.
  16. Make Failure Your Teacher! However much you failed the roll by becomes a bonus to your next attempt at the same action.
  17. Combo! However much you succeeded by becomes a bonus to succeed on your next action (if you failed there’s no bonus, but no penalty).
  18. KO! Treat as critical success, for non-combat tasks treat as most favorable outcome your character could ordinarily roll (e.g. if crits do double damage, double the damage you roll)
  19. Perfect! Maximum possible success, including best possible critical if applicable, for non-combat tasks treat as the most favorable outcome the game allows regardless of whether your character could ordinarily achieve it (e.g. if crits do double damage, do max damage  x2, if crits roll on a table, pick the result you want)
  20. You Win! You prevail in the current situation.