The Ultimate Monster Summoning Chart (Elves & Espers Edition)

Jeff’s Gameblog: a blog about games and stuff: two neat bits from Supplement I

So here’s my challenge to all you refs out there: share either in the comments here or on your own blog a custom Ultimate Monster Summoning chart for your campaign.

  1. 1d6 Drowleks
  2. 1d100 Bubblemen
  3. 2d10 CybOrcs riding rocket-propelled AirSharks with frickin’ laser-beams on their heads
  4. 1 Abomination
  5. 1d100 Zombots
  6. 2d20 Pigsies
  7. 1 Majyc
  8. 2d10 Firewights
  9. 2d6 Corpse Guard
  10. 1 Super-Model
  11. 1d100 Thaumivorous Ghost-Moths
  12. Roll twice and combine.