Suggestions for a Name for My Superhero RPG?

The working title is Super Adventures, but that’s kind of blah. Any thoughts?

I’m getting pretty close to being able to publish a first draft, btw.

16 thoughts on “Suggestions for a Name for My Superhero RPG?

  1. It depends on the “genre” of superhero comics you’re emulating. Golden Age where the lines of good and evil are very plainly separated; good ALWAYS triumphs; and the characters are smiling shining examples of Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Or Modern Age where the heroes have a “ends justifies the means” mentality; evil wins just as often as good; and the characters have the same flaws as any other human being? (Or DC vs. Marvel kind of focus.)

    Anyway, here are a few ideas:
    Golden Guardians
    Heroes and Heroics
    Modern Gods
    Adventures in Four Colors
    Amazing Tales
    The Unstoppables
    Justice Defenders (wow, that’s hokey)
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  2. The system ought to be able to handle any genre. My personal preference to play is Silver Age: good and evil are plainly separated, good usually wins (though perhaps at a cost), characters may have flaws and problems but overcome them.

  3. @JMiskimen – I think you’d have to be pretty immersed in comics trivia to recognize the “True Believers” part… I bet most people would think it’s a game about religion. Ditto for Paul’s suggestion of Gods of Humanity.

    @Paul – Justice! might be too similar to both Justice, Inc. and Truth & Justice.

  4. Excelsior! was what I thought of reading Josh’s post, too. Unfortunately, we were also trying to steer clear of things identified with one company, or that might get us sued. Kapow! is fine, but is kind of close to the other sound effect games.

  5. Yeah, Excelsior! is just so tied to Marvel and Stan Lee in particular… I’m going with Kapow! for now; at least it starts with a different letter than Biff Bam Pow.

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