The Story of Fun and Xp

(I spent too much time writing this for a thread in the CoH Forums to see it scroll off the board…) Fun was knifed in the back by his old pal Xp. Was a time when Fun and Xp were inseperable buddies, but then Xp realized that it was he that the players really wanted […]

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We Belong Dead

Since Doug said that his favorite area/storyline in WoW was the Undead home area, I went back to my Undead Warlock, Malika, and kept at it. I got her up to level 6 last night, and it was pretty interesting. The class description did turn out to be more-or-less correct that Warlocks are a good […]

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A Good Day in Westfall

Well, I tried again last night, and had a much better time. After perusing the WoW forums for a little bit, and finding a relevant thread, I realised that a lot of people objected to people using the team invite if you haven’t spoken to their character first, either in a whisper or locally. There […]

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Global Chat

CoH has just added a spiffy new feature: Global Chat. Now you can tell if your friends come online, even on a different server, and you can talk to them across servers. You can even make customized chat channels. Neat. My global “handle” is Mysterious_J. To initialize the global chat client the first time, type […]

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World of Warcraft Thoughts

Well, I’m not cancelling just yet. Paladins turn out to be much more fun than Warriors (thanks to Paul for the suggestion), but… *While levelling is pretty quick at the beginning, it seems to slow down much faster than in CoH and a lot less happens when you level. My Paladin is now level 13, […]

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Back in the Saddle Again

Back where a fiend is a fiend… Yup, the splitter has apparently dried out, so I was back online last night, making up for lost time. I actually ended up trashing the character (a Darkness power Scrapper named Dark Wednesday, whose backstory is that she's Wednesday Addams grown up as a vengeful vigilante) that got […]

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I just finished a tough mission in an office building in CoH, left the building, and found myself in the middle of a firefight between a bunch of folks way higher in level. Before I could even run, I got toasted by one of the baddies, and now my character has an experience debt to […]

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Pool Party

In City of Heroes, sixth level is something of a milestone, since it's the first time that “Power Pools” become available. Initially you pick powers from your primary and secondary sets, which come from a list of those available for your class. Power Pools are available to all classes equally, and it's from these that […]

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Roleplaying in City of Heroes

Paul suggested to me that the “Virtue” server was the unofficial server for roleplayers, i.e. people who actually like to talk in character while playing and bother to make up origin stories, etc. so I headed on over and made up a character (a 7' tall Axe-wielding Barbie doll called Barbizon. Battle Cry: Cleavage? I'll […]

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